Why Sell Your Vehicle to Us?

Why Should You Sell Your Vehicle to Holman?

At Holman Automotive, we take pride in offering every customer the very best customer service experience. This includes when you sell us your vehicle even if you have no intention of purchasing a vehicle from us. One of the benefits of selling your vehicle at any of our locations is the reliability, pricing fairness, and reputation for providing a great experience compared to trying to sell it to an individual buyer. Also, the process of selling your vehicle to us requires little paperwork on your behalf and you won't have to visit any other locations to complete the transaction. We will take care of everything, it's that easy.

The other benefit to selling us your vehicle if you decide to lease or purchase a car from us, is the increased tax savings you will receive. Here is an example:

Tax rate (depends on your county): 6%
Current vehicle value: $10,000
Purchase vehicle price: $30,000

Without a trade, the tax will be $1,800 ($30,000 * 6%). Whereas, with a trade, the tax will be $1,200 ($20,000 * 6%). So you will receive a tax savings of $600 with this example when you trade your car into one of our stores. Any of our sales consultants will be able to explain your savings further on an individual basis.

Do You Have to Go to a Similar Brand Dealership?

For your convenience, all Holman locations will buy any vehicle you may want to sell. It doesn't have to be the same brand as the dealership you plan on visiting.

How Will Holman Get the Value of My Vehicle?

One of our qualified Pre-Owned Managers will appraise your vehicle at the location of your choice. You must bring your vehicle to one of our locations as this step cannot be done online. When appraising your vehicle, we are looking at the interior and exterior condition, mileage, vehicle history, and overall operation of your vehicle. Based on these factors, we will use auction sales transactions and market guides to determine the value and present you with a written offer.

Why Does Holman Use Auction Value Reports?

In many cases, we will be selling your vehicle at one of our locations. However, it is Holman's policy to recondition the vehicle (fix any issues) and do a full safety inspection. We do not sell anything at any of our dealerships that don't meet our standards and our customers expect the same. The reconditioning and safety inspections add value to the vehicle and that is how we arrive at the retail price that we will sell the vehicle for.