Summer Car Maintenance Checklist

June 15, 2022 by

Ready for the beach trips, hikes in the mountain, and splashing around in the pool? Summertime is definitely here but while you’re soaking up all that sunshine don’t forget to take care of your car too. Just as the heat can wreak havoc on you if you don’t properly prepare, it can also impact your vehicle if you don’t properly keep up with it during the summer heat.

How Do I Prepare My Car for Summer?

Hopefully you have kept up with your car maintenance and taken proper care of it season-to-season. But if you haven’t, no worries, there’s always time to get your vehicle in tip-top beach shape for all your summer road trips and adventures. Holman’s here to help you with all your questions, whether it’s checking your car AC in the summer or finding out how hot weather affects tire inflation. Let’s dive headfirst into the deep end with your summer driving tips and vehicle checklist:

  • Wash the Car: Hey, it’s summertime! Your ride has to look good. You don’t want to show up at the family BBQ with grit and grime all over it. And don’t stop at the exterior – hit those tires and give the interior a good once-over too! It’s all about looking good this summer.
  • Air Conditioning: You definitely don’t want to be stuck in bumper-to-bumper highway traffic in the heat and have your AC unit go. If you’re noticing a decrease in your vehicle’s cooling, don’t wait until it goes, get it checked by a professional here at Holman. It may be something simple like a filter or clog.
  • Tires: It’s so easy to overlook checking those tires, isn’t it? Here’s a thought: when you’re washing the car and tires, check the tire pressure, the treads, and check for general wear and tear. Is there uneven wear on any of the tires? If so, it’s time to rotate.
  • Brakes: When was the last time you had your brakes checked? Probably one of the most important parts to your car, but sometimes forgotten about. It’s kind of like breathing. Who thinks about breathing until you can’t catch your breath? Don’t wait until it’s too late; have a professional check the brakes the next time you’re in for an oil change.
  • Oil and Fluid: Speaking of oil change, make sure your oil and fluids (coolant, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid) are all up to snuff before you venture on that road trip across the state. This is your blood line – have your fluids checked.
  • Battery: On those steamy hot days when you have your air conditioner blowing at full blast, your car battery is working overtime to keep you cool. Don’t get stuck in the heat – check the battery before you venture off!
  • Alignment: Despite all of our best-efforts to avoid them, potholes and bumps in the road inevitably find our cars. If you hit an extra bump or two and your alignment needs some adjusting, get it corrected. It’s easy to spot. If your car pulls one way or the other while you’re trying to drive straight, it’s time for an alignment check.
  • Windshield Cleaner and Wiper Blades: Last but certainly not least are the wiper blades and windshield cleaner. Those backroads can be awfully buggy and can create a bug cemetery on your windshield. Ever try driving with hundreds of dead bugs on your windshield without any windshield spray? It’s certainly a real bugger. Make sure the wiper blades are good to go too. If they smear instead of clean, change them.


Holman’s got the answers and the team to help you with all your car maintenance needs. Be sure you’re well prepared for all your summer road trips and swing into a Holman dealership nearest you to get your vehicle checked out.