New Office, New Approach to Your Commute

August 10, 2021 by

As the world continues to rebuild post-pandemic, many people are starting to establish a new, more permanent schedule. For most, that includes a revised work situation that could mean more long-term work-from-home policies.

Now that the dust has settled, how does this revised work and travel schedule impact your automotive decisions? It might be time to consider revisiting both your maintenance schedule and your auto insurance policy: The two work hand-in-hand to promote a healthier vehicle that works for you long into the future.

Maintenance makeover

If you’ve been in quarantine mode for the last year and a half, you want to first ask yourself: What has that done to my vehicle? You may be saving on gas, but a dormant vehicle has the possibility to cost you if you aren’t keeping a healthy maintenance schedule.

f your vehicle was stuck in quarantine, you need to check on your: Tire pressure and tread condition, Oil and fluids, Brakes and brake pads, Battery, Windshield wipers

This is the perfect time to connect with an automotive maintenance specialist to understand how your vehicle has changed in the last year. From there, your team of experts can build out a revised maintenance schedule that reflects your post-pandemic commute. Tell them about your new weekly mileage, how often your car sits idle, and any major trips on the horizon to establish a healthy new maintenance plan that works for you and your vehicle.

Insurance that fits

So you’ve established that your commute and mileage will look different moving forward. The next step is understanding how the changes impact your insurance policy. A reduced mileage could lead to long-term savings.

For example, you could consider a pay-per-mile policy, in which your rates would be based on how much you drive. The traditional commuter might not find value if they accrue a large number of miles, but could your reduced drive schedule mean new opportunities?

An insurance broker like Holman Insurance works with customers to find the perfect policy for each driver. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. A Holman Insurance specialist reviews your revised commute and vehicle plan moving forward over the phone or by email. 2. The Holman specialist will run the data to establish a series of insurance policies, based on rates from a collection of various carriers. 3. You'll work with the specialist to review your past policy and compare it to these news options, then decide on the best fit for your new future.

Contact us to understand how Holman  can build a better maintenance schedule for your evolving life. Then, when you’re ready, check out what insurnace savings possibilities are out there.