Diesel vs. Gas Trucks: Pros and Cons

A Ford F-250 towing a trailer on a farm

Some drivers need help choosing a diesel vs. gas truck for their lifestyle. Holman can help! Here we explain the diesel vs. gas trucks pros and cons so you can choose wisely. Read on to discover diesel vs. gas trucks pros and cons, and then contact us to take the next steps and get behind the wheel of the new pickup of your dreams!


Diesel Trucks Pros and Cons

  • Torque & Towing – Diesel trucks typically deliver significantly more torque than their gas-powered counterparts. On average, they also offer more towing capacity, which makes them ideal for your biggest jobs!
  • Longevity – Research indicates that diesel engines normally last much longer than gas engines, partly because they have a simpler construction and stronger engine blocks. A well-maintained diesel engine can last up to 500,000 miles or more!
  • Fuel Economy – Diesel engines are usually more fuel efficient than gasoline engines. Yes, diesel fuel can cost more, but it saves you time by reducing the number of fuel stops.

Gas Truck Pros and Cons

  • Acceleration & Horsepower – Although many diesel engines offer more torque, horsepower and acceleration specs matter more to many truck drivers. Gas-powered trucks are often better at acceleration speed and passing other vehicles uphill.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Diesel engines don’t include spark plugs and have a more straightforward design, but that doesn’t mean they cost less to maintain. Sometimes diesel parts are challenging to find, but our parts team and service center are always happy to assist you. You can also order parts for your pickup truck online.
  • More Fueling Stations – Not all gas stations carry diesel fuel, so if you drive a diesel pickup truck, you might have to drive around more looking for it.

Shop for Diesel and Gas Trucks at Holman!

Now that we’ve covered the diesel vs. gas truck pros and cons, we invite you to visit us at Holman to get behind the wheel of the truck of your dreams! Let our team take you for a test drive or two so you can decide which one you like best. We recommend you keep your eyes on our new truck specials and chat with our finance team about your finance options. Contact us today!

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